10-year product guarantee

De Boer gives a 10-year product guarantee on all waterproofing membranes. De Boer has underwritten an insurance policy with Amlin Corporate Insurance which covers manufacturing risks with an impact on the roof’s watertightness during 10 years. In case a roofing membrane shows defects which cause leaks in the roof, the policy covers the reimbursement of all costs related to the installation and removal of the product and to the installation of the new product. In short, the cost of all materials, wages and rental of equipment which are needed to restore the damaged roof to its original state. De Boer bears the cost of this policy.  


10 years’ application guarantee

Even leaks which result from wrongful installation by a roofer can be insured under a separate policy. This policy covers all expenses which are required to return the roof to its initial condition, including the cost of replacing the badly installed product and the cost of renting and installing the scaffolding. The cost of this policy is recharged in consultation with the roofer / the owner.

The DuO life expectancy report