Proven durability

We promise you that our roofs will last for decades. We can stand by this promise, because independent experts (WTCB-CSTB - Scientific and Technical Centre for the Construction Sector - together with SGS and specialised laboratories) have tested De Boer roofs on their durability. The first DuO life expectancy report was published in 2000, ten years after the first DuO roofs had been installed. The second report followed in 2005 and again showed positive results. The third report on the durability of DuO was published in 2010. It concluded that, when properly maintained, De Boer DuO roofs have a life expectancy of 35 years, at least. All three reports show, by the way, that DuO has the same very long lifespan in all parts of the world and in all climate zones.

The DuO life expectancy report