Bitumen, an established product with a bright future

Since the company was founded in 1922, De Boer has been working with bitumen. This petroleum derivative is still the basis for 75% of all flat roof coverings. Throughout the years, products have become better, lighter and more environmentally-friendly. New developments, in particular in the field of polymers, have resulted in products with a proven lifespan of 35 years at least. De Boer manages all stages of the manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials and the unique composition of the compounds to the quality control in our own laboratory and the timely delivery on site. Strict controls in every stage of the process result in a sustained high quality.

Resists extreme conditions

Bitumen has many benefits, including its high adhesive power and elasticity, its chemical resistance to external influences and its thermal stability under extreme weather conditions (ranging from -40°c to + 150°c. Bitumen-covered roofs withstand rain and hail and, unlike roofs covered with certain synthetic materials, they are accessible even when it rains or when it freezes, which is a major advantage.    

Environmentally friendly

Bitumen is also an ecological product in many ways. It is manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner; bituminous roofs are perfectly suited for the recuperation of rainwater; and, when covered with a white reflective top layer, they decrease heating in built-up areas. On top of all this, the products can easily be recycled.   

Cradle to cradle

De Boer recycles as much as possible. Manufacturing rejects are collected and shredded; impurities are filtered out; the filtered mass is then heated and additives are added until the desired composition is reached. This compound is then used as the basis for specific bituminous bottom layers. This makes the cycle complete.

Endless possibilities

From an architectural point of view, the sky is the limit for bituminous roofs. Every possible creative shape, colour and application is possible, from paraboloid roofs and green roofs to parking house roofs, tunnels, terraces and balconies.