Steel cable systems or lifelines are a way of individual fall-protection. People can secure themselves to the system, keeping sufficient freedom to move. A special carriage can be attached anywhere on the steel cable and allows users to pass the intermediate supports without having to unhook themselves.

There are several ways in which to install a steel cable system :

Positioning (also called restraint, leash principle or demarcation) is aimed at preventing people from falling.

A fall arrest system does precisely that : it stops the fall.

De Boer Safety installs steel cable systems which can be used in either way. All systems comply with the EN 795 C standard and are perfectly capable of stopping a fall. The steel cable system’s supports are installed on the roof covering. It takes only one perforation to attach a support to the roof construction. Each support has a unique flexible mechanism which dampens the force of a fall. The use of aluminium and stainless steel makes the system weather-resistant.

We offer steel cable systems for roof tops, but also for facades and ceilings. All systems are also available in a multiline version, where multiple steel cables use the same system. This allows users to safely cross each other’s path, without the need to unhook.