Collective protection offers the best solution to prevent people from falling from heights, in that it doesn’t require people to take any particular action in order to protect themselves. No training or prior knowledge is required and no individual protective equipment needs to be used.

Guardrails can be used to protect:

  • roof edges
  • mezzanines
  • skylights
  • technical installations
  • evacuation paths and gangways

De Boer Safety offers guardrails with the best price-quality ratio on the market. It is a free-standing system, easy and quick to install. The counterweights keep the guardrails firmly in place. All components are made of high-quality material, so as for the system to withstand the elements.

Our guardrails meet the requirements of EN 13374 A and EN 14122-3.

Apart from free-standing guardrails with straight posts, we offer many other types, too, such as: painted guardrails, foldable guardrails, guardrails with curved posts and anchored guardrails.