Anchors are another form of individual fall-protection. Once you have secured yourself to the rotating eye, you can freely move within a certain radius of the anchor. Anchors are the ideal fall-protection solutions on small roofs.

Anchors can be installed in different ways :

Stand-alone anchors are directly used to secure people at heights.

Anchors for a mobile lifeline serve as end-points in between which a temporary lifeline is tightened. This lifeline is then used to secure the worker.

Pendulum points are used as intermediary stations, in order to avoid that a person would swing too violently in case he would fall (the so-called pendulum effect).

De Boer Safety installs anchor points which can be used for all applications. All systems comply with the EN 795 A standard and are perfectly capable of stopping a fall. The anchor points are installed on the roof covering. It takes only one perforation to attach an anchor point to the roof construction. Anchor points can be equipped with a unique flexible mechanism which dampens the force of a fall. The use of aluminium and stainless steel makes the system weather-resistant.

We offer anchor points for roof tops, but also for facades and ceilings. Ample possibilities exist : anchor points either with single-point or multiple-point mounting, anchor points with a fall indicator, anchor points with a removable eye, etc.