Working in a safe manner is vitally important. That is why De Boer Roof Safety Solutions offers solutions to all parties involved : roofers, construction companies, municipalities, project developers, owners and managers of buildings, companies in general. Our solutions are always custom-made :  horizontal or vertical, permanent or mobile …

We can group fall protection in a number of groups :

Guardrails; Collective protection offers the best solution to prevent people from falling from heights, in that it doesn’t require people to take any particular action in order to protect themselves. No training or prior knowledge is required and no individual protective equipment needs to be used.

Steel cable systems; Steel cable systems or lifelines are a way of individual fall-protection. People can secure themselves to the system, keeping sufficient freedom to move. A special carriage can be attached anywhere on the steel cable and allows users to pass the intermediate supports without having to unhook themselves.

Anchors; Anchors are another form of individual fall-protection. Once you have secured yourself to the rotating eye, you can freely move within a certain radius of the anchor. Anchors are the ideal fall-protection solutions on small roofs.

Wall ladders and cage ladders; Permanent ladders provide safe access to roofs and other heights. Obstacles such as installations and firewalls can be crossed safely via ladders or platforms.