Roofs protect people, goods and machines from the elements. But only if they are kept in perfect condition. Periodical inspections and maintenance help to avoid problems. In case a leak would occur, it is important to react swiftly, thus limiting any damage.

The problems that occur are usually minor ones, which can be solved with little effort. However, without proper fall-protection, even the shortest intervention on a roof is not without risk. Small dangers can have grave consequences and falling from a height tends to be unforgiving. Roofs should, therefore, be equipped with a proper fall-protection system.

De Boer Safety offers a wide range of high-quality, innovative and “roof friendly” fall-protection systems. Our area of expertise is, in particular, with existing roofs. Whatever its construction and whichever material has been used to cover it, we can offer good solutions for practically any kind of roof, always focusing on safety, cost and user-friendliness.

Perhaps you’re wondering to whom you should entrust your roof safety: to a safety expert ? or rather to a roof covering specialist ? De Boer Safety offers the best of both worlds. Founded in 1922, we have a vast experience in both fields.