Safety on your roof

Safety first:
De Boer was the first roofing specialist who invested in fall-protection. We want to protect the people who work on your roof or façade. By doing so, we also protect your building. Roofers, maintenance technicians, HVAC technicians, owners, architects and building managers: they all require protection. This concern has led to the creation of De Boer Safety Solutions, a business unit which offers user-friendly safety systems in different price categories. Possibilities range from individual protection such as steel cable systems to collective protection such as free-standing or anchored guardrails. The systems can be permanent or temporary and can, therefore, be either purchased or rented. You can install them or we can do it for you. Whichever is the case, we will always give you the required safety instructions. Roof safety also benefits from visually marking which roof areas are safe and which are not. De Boer provides you with the highly-visible coatings. De Boer offers a safe solution to meet your application and your budget. Your Safety Solutions contact person at De Boer will be glad to map out a safety plan for your specific situation. And, of course, we welcome you on our training course on fall prevention, a free of charge course which we offer to our partners and which we warmly recommend.

Your six steps towards a cooperation with De Boer Safety