A simple and clever solution

A tiny crack or leak in a roof can have grave consequences. They are often in a spot which is hard to reach. You can avoid time-consuming repairs quickly and easily by using De Boer Liquids, our range of liquid sealants. De Boer Liquids has two product families: PU-based sealants (polyurethane) and PMMA-based sealants (polymethyl methacrylate). Each family has its own strengths and is suitable for its own applications. Once hardened, the products form a waterproof membrane while retaining a certain degree of flexibility, thereby preventing cracks.

De Boer Liquids can be used in many circumstances. They are most suitable in the case of complex shapes or when torching cannot be used. They can also be used when two materials are mutually incompatible or when the surface is under permanent water pressure. De Boer Liquids are mostly used for flat roofs, skylights, drains and connections. The anti-skid versions are ideally suited for stairs, parking garages and terraces.

De Boer Liquids are available in many colours and can, therefore, also be used for a super-size logo on your roof. Or to give a new colour to your swimming pool or shower room, combining the functional with the aesthetic.

We find it important that our quality products are used in the right manner. We, therefore, gladly give you advice and support during the start-up of your project. De Boer Liquids’ specialists can provide you and your staff with a brief training.  But we can also have our own staff work full-time by your side in the project’s starting-up phase. Our team is as flexible and versatile as our products are!