• Sound insulating: the sphagnum absorbs up to 18 dBA of the street noise.
  • Insulating effect of the vegetation:
    • The evaporation of the plants cools the facade in a natural manner (by -7°C to -15°C). The plants also serve as a sun-screen.
    • The layer of air behind the panels has a cooling effect, too.
    • The leaves temper the speed of the wind along the facade. This, as well as the shadow of the vegetation, reduces the temperature fluctuations on the facade.
  • The facade is protected against the influence of the sun and the rain.
  • A green facade discourages graffiti sprayers.


  • The variety of plants and the change of seasons replace the monotony of a naked facade by a change of colours and appearance.
  • The facade of your building, partly or fully covered with plants, will be truly exclusive. The same goes when you opt for a green wall in your reception area. Or, why not, in the living room of your home.


  • The surface of the leaves binds fine dust particles.
  • The plants’ photosynthesis reduces CO2 emissions.
  • The plants’ evaporation increases air humidity.
  • Densely built areas become a nicer place to work and live in. And they become prettier to look at. In addition, there is greater biodiversity, as plants and blossoms attract insects and birds which may even build their nests.