custom-made green walls

You decide; we will translate your creative ideas into green walls, whichever their location and whichever their shape. Together, we will develop a solution that meets your requirements and desiderata. That may be a vertical façade which turns your building into a real eye-catcher, or it may be a green wall which turns your reception area or your living area into a haven of tranquility. Vertical gardens do not only appeal to the eye, they also create a working and living environment which is healthy to body and soul.

Technology and nature united

PlantDesign uses a non-soil bound modular system called the Plantbox. Plants are put in separate modules, which are independent of the wall, the façade or the soil. We use sphagnum, a substrate which can absorb up to 20 times its own weight in water, resulting in efficient and economical water irrigation. With our long experience and knowhow about plants and about state-of-the-art automated irrigation, we put in place reliable and durable systems.

With our maintenance contract, you can always enjoy the green beauty of your vertical garden.

share our green passion

Would you like to discover what PlantDesign can mean for you? Get in touch with us; our passionate team will gladly reply to all your questions and help you make your dream design come true.