De Boer Green: nature on your roof

De Boer Green Roof Solutions has a long expertise in green roofs, thereby vastly enlarging the possibilities for flat roofs. Green roofs have many benefits: they insulate better and thereby save energy, they retain the rainwater and they reduce the emission of CO2. On top of all that, they add to your building’s aesthetic value. Green roofs repel greyness from industrial sites and cities and bring nature closer. Green roofs are part of an overall concept in which all elements matter: a suitable roof structure, an ideal soil and accommodations for the plants’ growth and development. This makes green roofs a job for experts. We have been providing green roof solutions since more than two decades already. That, as well as our even longer experience in flat roof coverings, makes us the perfect choice when it comes to offering durable and aesthetic green roof solutions.

Vertical gardens : architectural gems

Plant Design is the most recent addition to the De Boer group of companies. Plant Design is a Belgian company which specialises in vertical gardens, for exterior and interior façades and walls. Green façades go exceptionally well with modern architecture, but can equally be integrated in the renovation of existing buildings. Indoors, vertical gardens are living works of art which embellish office buildings or private residences. They are not only appealing to the eye, but are also beneficial to body and soul.

Plant Design uses a unique, non-soil bound, modular system. Plants remain healthy and green thanks to the “Plantboxes” which are filled with sphagnum, a substrate which can absorb up to 20 times its own weight in water, resulting in efficient and economical water irrigation. With our maintenance contract, you can enjoy the beauty of your vertical garden without any worries.