Who do we put ourselves on the line for every day?
Who do we always put our best foot forward for?
What do we want to be strong at and how do we want to make a stand?
We’ve brought the answers to these questions together to define our renewed De Boer MISSION.
This mission is the beacon that guides us in everything we do.

We see a building’s roof as its fifth facade and continue to think ahead. We have business units fully dedicated to :

  • bituminous waterproofing with De Boer Waterproofing
  • green roofs & green walls with De Boer Green and PlantDesign
  • liquid solutions with De Boer Liquids
  • safety on and near roofs with De Boer Safety

These business units cooperate closely and all their staff share our company’s values : enthusiasm, commitment, respect for man and environment. De Boer has a long tradition of innovation and dedication to its core business : roofs, buildings’ fifth facade, anywhere in the world.