De Boer doesn’t just produce excellent products. We also offer tailor-made service and advice. We will be glad to share with you the knowledge which we, together with our partners, have acquired in almost once century.

Examining the DNA of your roof

De Boer’s laboratory is at the core of our Knowledge Center. This is where quality control is carried out and where new compounds are developed which will lead to even better results. If you wish, we can examine your roof’s “DNA”. In our laboratory, we analyse a sample taken from your roof and give you advice on whether refurbishment is required and what the possibilities are.

Technical support worldwide

Our Knowledge Center in Schoten is in touch with our staff across the world to reply to all their questions and help them solve all their issues.

All links of the chain are important. Our partners bring out the best in our products. That is why we invest a lot in training the roofers who use our products. We often consult with architects, too, together finding technical and creative solutions which have already often led to outstanding results. De Boer has different business units which can address any issue around roofs, be it waterproofing or safety.