Since 1922, De Boer has been producing and supplying worldwide waterproofing systems and services.. Our market approach is to use professional partners - architects, consultants, distributors and roofers.

Since several years, we pay a lot of attention to the environment, energy cost saving and durability with De Boer Green - our department for green roofs and green walls with PlantDesign. We focus on liquid solutions with De Boer Liquids and provide safety on the roof with De Boer Safety.

Our customers can count on professional support, so together we can build a long-term relationship: this enables us to differentiate ourselves as partners and create added value.
Thanks to continuous innovation and stringent quality control, we guarantee the optimum lifespan for our waterproofing systems. Throughout the manufacturing process we care for all our staff’ welfare and that of the environment.
The driving force behind our success is the client-focused attitude of all our staff.